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I do not have these on my car. I am reading up alot on pro touring cars and have been looking into sites that sell suspension upgrades for older novas, camaros etc and I came across SSBC who makes those brakes. I read around on some other sites and lots of guys will pull brakes off of a C5 vette and these brakes are based off of the same design but actually out did them. They seem like a great option to better brakes and for the price you cant beat it. They also sell rotors and pads. With brakes there are many options, the main being Brembos but also there is Baer and Wilwood brakes. Personally I feel brembos to be overpriced, there comes a point when you are paying more for a name than a part. I mean is there really $5000 worth of engineering and parts in a brembo brake setup? Do you really need 6 or 8 piston brakes to stop your car? Just things to consider. The more I read up on pro touring the more I am finding what is out there and that you can build a solid car without going totally broke.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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