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BrandNew LED Bulb Finder For Your Vehicle

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At we have been working on for a long time, and just introduced a new feature that our automotive customers have been asking for for years.

Automotive LED Bulb Finder!

This feature is still in beta, but will help you easily identify the LED Bulbs that your particular year Challenger needs. It will help you identify the correct LED Turn Signals, LED Brake Lights, LED Interior Lights and more! It will also allow you to easily compare the wide selection of bulbs that we have available for most vehicles.

Post on here and let us know what you think! Or if you have any suggestions!

(We plan to add 2011 & 2012 model years late next week, around the time we take the feature out of beta)
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Here's the scenario that I was trying to accomplish but haven't been able to so far. Maybe you have just the product.

First of all I have my daytime running lights enabled.

I want to change out that bulb with a switchback led bulb that blinks yellow for the turn signal but switches back to white for the daytime running lights. Do you have such a bulb? I have bought one from another company but it would not switch back to white after blinking yellow.
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