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Sold my Supercharged v6, Bought a slower SRT 392 hemi!

Well for at least for now it's slower.

Got the car home after about 3 hour drive from another state and my son looks the car over and says I'm not scared I got it cover- he just bought a 2017 435 hp mustang manual, suppose to be really fast cars.

Asked if he would go with me to wash my dirty beast.

Short story ( hopefully it's ok to say) I spanked my son and his mustang 4 times over.

The best 1/4 mile time I got was a 13.4 on the dash, had to really ease into the gas pedal just to get off the line the non stock some off brand tires had 38 psi in them and show a 500 tread wear rating. 0-60 mph was 5.4

So I guess I have some base line numbers - didn't take long after getting it home.

My V6 in same spot of road will do 4.0 0-60 mph and 12.5 in the 1/4 in it's everyday street trim.

So it looks like I have a lot of work to get this big hemi to out run my old v6 challenger- let the fun begin.

You can see part of my sons mustang next to the challenger.


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