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BT engine dress up kit on 2012 5.7

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Hi, I just received my dress up kit from BT and when I tried to install it only half the items would either not fit or my Mopar strut bar was in the way....Am I missing something? The washer fluid tank cover wont go on at all. It looks like when I compare mine with BT the length of the tab is too short preventing it from closing. Also, It should be noted that the A/C inlet cap will not go on if you have a Mopar strut bar. And finally the tranny fluid cap goes on but with the combination of the oversized cap and the strut bar it makes the engine cover a pain to I not installing these things correctly? Tricks?.... Pics?

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Sounds like they sent you some of the wrong parts, depending on engine and model year some of the parts are different, sorry to hear of your issues...
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