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We started a sale yesterday evening that's a little bit different than some of our others, and we've introduced a few new products too! Ever since launching the Matte Detailer several months back, customers have been asking when we would come out with a matte wax to protect matte and satin vinyl and paint. This one has been in the works since the prototypes of Matte Detailer and went through a few revisions, and it's now ready - Adam's Matte Protectant! If you're wondering what it is, Adam's Matte Protectant is like our Buttery Wax, but for matte and satin paint: very easy-on and easy-off application, but where it differs is that it does not add any shine.

For this sale, no discount code is necessary, and all other codes have been disabled for the sale - discounts will automatically be deducted during checkout! We're doing 10% off for orders under $100, 15% off for orders between $100 and $250, and 20% off for orders over $250! This includes our Swirl Killer Polishers too! Free Shipping is set to $150 for the continental 48 United States only. Sale ends Friday at Midnight MST.

We've also brought back Bucket Caddies by popular request, Coconut Air Fresheners are back with a cool new design, a few new kits, plus black koozies and wristbands if you need any non-detailing Adam's gear :)

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW PRODUCTS NOW or click any of the pictures below!

We look forward to hearing what you think about the new Matte Protectant! [email protected]

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