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On a 2015 PCM, which of the 2 connectors is the “C2”? I am wiring up a shift light and instructions say to come next to a specific wire on the c2 connection.


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2015-2018 Dodge Challenger R/T and SRT8:

Tach: Green wire of shift light (engine speed) goes to PCM, Connector 2 (C2-Black Connector) pin #51. This is a dark blue wire with a dark green tracer OR yellow wire with a dark blue tracer.

***Only 2 connectors on PCM

You can also get this signal at any of the ignition coils.

For Dual Mode Shift Light:**The dual mode shift lights must be FACTORY pre programmed to work with the clutch switch and not the standard default Vss signal. Clutch switch signal at PCM, connector 1 (C1-Grey Connector)) pin #39 (dark green wire with orange stripe).

** If Automatic transmission, connect to brake switch signal

>Click for C1 connector view

Connect red wire of the shift light to a switched power source and the black wire to ground (frame).

The cylinder setting must be set to "1 cylinder" mode since we will be reading from a single coil.

C1 for contrast


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