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Big fat pig, that's what I drive. Part of the issue is where pony cars end and full size muscle begins. It's a driver's choice, but I never cared for Corvettes, and other than looking at them at shows, I'm not a fan of driving pony cars either. Style, comfort, and muscle is a 3-requirement deal for me, so if I lose a few hp or a few seconds, so be it. I'm happy for the pony drivers who will be happy with mustangs and camaros, makes my car that much more unique. The legacy of 1960s 300s and Wildcats was to stuff really big engines into rather big cars. Give me a Wildcat or 300 from the 60s, or a Charger or Challenger from modern times, and it's fine if I don't have the bottom line fastest car on the road. After all, Japanese bikes could take me all day long, but then again, look what you have to ride to get that performance.
1 - 1 of 106 Posts
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