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Was checking out some of the other Forums around the web, was just curious to see what camaro and mustang guys have to say about new 392 since dyno testing on the new 392 and car n driver and some other guys doing are revealing latest test numbers, wow! they are either bothered, hating, or just trash talk, or all of the above. There are some that give credit where deserved and say comments like "Dodge finally doing something right" or more comments like "its still a fat pig, but oh!wait it runs mid 12's!" just funny to see the comments or threads on what is being said about the new 392 and over all just fear. But of course there is that one guy that post "my $5,000.00 value F-body will walk all over this thing, with my big 500ci stroker engine!" "they are too expensive anyways" etc, etc. :sleep:

makes even me wonder should I even bother with supercharging my 2010 or just trade up! lol
Doesn't matter to me....the grass is always greener.....
1 - 2 of 106 Posts
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