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Car #4501 392 Swap and Techco SC Install

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Well Boys,
Its time to start the Stage III winter fun!!! I ran the N/A 6.1L into the 11.8's....I know I left another tenth or two at the table....but the tracks closed before I could test my last tweeks. You can find my stage 1 and 2 mods listings as well as HP numbers tied to 1/4 mile earlier's the break down on Stage 3:
Engine= Mopar Performance 392

P/N P5153604 Crate Engine, 392 Hemi, 540 Horsepower, 490 ft.-lbs. Torque
Specifications As Ordered:
· Factory 6.1L Deep-Skirted Cast Iron Block with Cross-Bolted Mains
. Mopar Performance Heads (P/N L- P5153349, R- P5153350)
.CNC Ported Aluminum Twin-Plug Cylinder Heads New Castings
· Stainless Steel 2.100" Intake and 1.600" Exhaust Valves "Rev Valves" (Inertia Replaced)
· Ovate Wire (Beehive) Competition Valve Springs "Comp 918's" (Inertia Replaced)
. Viton Competition Valve Stem Seals
.Titanium, 7° valve spring retainers
· Machined, 7° round groove valve locks
· High-temperature Viton valve seals, bronze alloy valve guides
· Hardened, custom valve seats
· Premium "five-angle" CNC-machined valve job
. Mopar Performance Head ID Info:
. R/H Head = 05037448AA
= 175610061
Intake = 6170064911
. L/H Head = 05037449AA
= 067620235
Intake = 6058014811
. Mopar Performance Push Rods (P/N P5153629)
. Competition chrome Moly steel Pushrod set features 6.625" and 7.875"
length,.080 Wall and 5/16" diameter (Inertia Replaced 6.625" with 6.675")
. Mopar Performance Cam (P/N P5153691) "Comp Cam"
· 279°/285° (duration @ .006") Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
· 0.584" Intake and 0.552" Exhaust Lift (Replaced with HHP Blower CAM)
. Mopar Performance Pistons (P/N P5153635) "Diamond"
· Forged Pistons (4.055" Bore)
· 10.5:1 Compression Ratio
. Top Notched .080 Intake and .100 Exhaust
. 0.927 Pins
.Mopar Performance Proprietary Crank (P/N P5153578) "Scat Forged"
· 4140 Forged Steel Crankshaft - 3.795" Stroke and 2.100 Journals
.Mopar Performance Rods (P/N P5153635) "Scat Forged"
· 4130 Forged Steel I-Beam Connecting Rods - 6.200" Length
· SFI-Approved ATI Competition Crankshaft Damper (P/N P5153630)
· Premium Tri-Metal Performance Engine Bearings
· Precision Balanced Rotating Assembly
· Distributor less Coil-On-Plug (COP) Ignition System

Items Changed Or Added
. Arrington Billet 90mm Throttle Body #0065
. HHP Stage 4 / Stroker Blower Cam
.275/.285 @ .006, .547/.556 Lift, 119+2 LSA
. Techco 3.0L Super Charger and Plenty of Pulley's
. Inertia MotorSports Rework to Mopar Performance Heads (Springs and Valves)

I moved my car over to a buddies....he has a lift!!! And we started the 6.1L removal....which I sold full up to a shop in Arizona. He's gonna be digging the new found power!! I recieved my 392 12/18/09 and uncrated it and installed the 6.1L into the crate....whith hopes of shipping it out today!! Here's a few Pics:
Put'en the 6.1L into the crate!

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Gregory, This build looks awesome. Looking forward to the progress reports.

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Found a few more spare hours.....So I polished my 90mm Arrington Throttle Body, Match ported the the Techco inlet tube to the T-Body and got everything re-assembled.
Just waiting on the cam as well as the head rework from Inertia Motorsports!

The polished Techco unit looks great. :thumbsup:
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