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The June 2017 issue of Car & Driver features the Dodge Demon.

In the article some interesting facts were presented. Namely:

  • Car & Driver gave the Demon a cool nickname, the "Quarter Pounder" because it was built "to scorch drag strips."
  • Base price is $85,000.
  • The Demon weighs 215 lbs. less than a Hellcat by the removal of the rear bench seats (55 lbs.), removal of front passenger seat (58 lbs.), removal of audio equipment (24 lbs.), removal of trunk trim (20 lbs.), removal of sound deadening (18 lbs.), downsizing of wheels from 20 to 18 inches (16 lbs.), smaller front brakes (20 lbs.), hollow anti-roll bars (19 lbs), removal of parking sensors, removal of tilt/telescoping steering mechanisms, etc.
  • Top speed is governed at 168 mph because of the speed rating of the Nitto NT05R 315/40R-18 drag radials.
  • 0-60 foot time is 1.36 sec.
  • Infotainment screens allow you to record data from runs, adjust launch control rpm, adjust shift lights for each gear, tell when the car is ready for another full run pass, record reaction times, etc.
  • Demon has 115 new parts over the Hellcat. "Some are made lighter, some are made stronger and some are removed altogether."
  • The Demon's supercharger and boost are greater than those of the Hellcat- 2.4 vs. 2.7 liters and 11.6 vs. 14.5 psi.


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The price and governed speed they are staying as fact, or their opinion? The tires do have a 168 mph speed rating but no SRT vehicle has ever been governed and that price is higher than some insiders have speculated. Tim K said we will know everything by June, wonder if they really know or not.

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