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Photo's from the Fond Du Lac,WI Chrysler get together this afternoon

i wanted to park my IE for a big group Challenger photo, but they had me park angled next to my DWB counterpart IE392 off to the side. Funny thing was it was a DWB IE that i had priced out 1 hour before i went to IL to buy my White IE...they wanted full sticker(i assume because it was #45)..

Ive never seen them together before....I used to think the DWB looked better, but after seeing them together in person i like my White better now. my Blue stripes really POP...while the DWB color didnt as much.....(im sure the DWB guy says he liked his DWB better than my White)

I finally got to see almost every color together today...the only missing one was DY....I had considered the FF a few times....finally saw one in person...nope...its not for me, but wow does it stand out....i liked it more than i thought i would though...

they had a SE in dark Titanium was very unique and im suprised the color never made it up to a RT or almost had a bit of a brown to the dark grey tone...

there were a bunch of SRT-4's there too.....ive never seen a Caliber Srt-4 before...i knew they made Neon SRT-4's, but didnt know they made SRT-4 Calibers...i wanted to see under the hoods, but couldnt find them after the drive and lunch....

anyone know what the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times are for a SRT-4? whats under the hood? Turbo's?
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