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Took the R/T Classic to the weekly Cars N Coffee this morning, got up early to get there by 6:30 am to park with the Challengers. I have been getting there around 7:45 to 8:00 am and that's too late to have a spot with the Challengers. Notice the Cadillac CTS V toward the end of the line of MOPAR's. :up_to_something:

My Classic with a 67 Charger all stock and in pristine condition with the original owner, and a white and copper SRT8.

An awesome 71 Cuda. Looks like a 340 motor, but it's got a stroker crank and big bore so it's 408 cu in. It's got a 340 air cleaner decal on the air cleaner, but.............well it started as a 340. :naughty:

Now a couple old school. This 34 chopped 3 window hiboy is AWESOME. 6-71 blower on a +.030 350 SB with a pair of well maintained Holley carbs. Didn't see any sign of gas leaking on either carb. :clap: Lots of DynoMat under the floor carpet, under the head liner and inside the door panels. When he pulled up with the blower whistling and weezing and the cam lopping and he shut it off, about 25 people immediately surrounded the car. It is perfect, even the bitchin diameter headlights and nerf bars. Also the green 55 chevy with an 8-71 blown 454 is such a trip back to the 60's.

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