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catless mid pipe on my 392 question

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hey guys thinking of getting the 6.4L 392 HEMI Performance Catless Mid Pipes by Stainless Works and Modern Muscle for my scatpack i have a few questions
1 will it throw any CEL?
2 how bad is the smell?
3 do i need a tune?
4 how loud will it be?"ive done mid muffler and resonator delete."
thanks in advance.
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I have SW catless mids. I was very careful during initial installation to ensure they could be uninstalled and reinstalled easily in the future, I can swap from stock mid pipes to SW midpipes (and vice versa) in under 3 hours including installation of additional wideband O2 sensor. Installation is done using 2 floor jacks elevating the car a high as I can get it. Normally the catless midpipes are used when I plan to drag race.

1 I used bung extenders, did not throw any codes or need harness extenders.
2 1st tuner said tune did not need adjustment for catless midpipes, significant unpleasant smell was always noticeable. 2nd tuner tuned for catless midpipes, odor was much less evident, sometimes unnoticeable.
3 see answer to question 2
4 It's definately louder but not obnoxious IMO however there is a drone at specific load / rpm ranges.

Most folks opinion there is little if any performance gain from catless mids, my experience is a significant performance increase. The performance difference is most noticeable when accelerating with street tires, even heavy part throttle acceleration breaks the tires loose, almost impossible to role the throttle to WOT without massive tire spin which I do not experience when stock pipes are installed.
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