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Car specs: 2013 auto RT (NON STP) 2700 miles on Odometer
Today when i left the gym, I pulled onto the roadway (normal casual driving), the car shifted through 1, 2, then when it shifted to 3rd gear I heard a "CLUNK". My CEL popped on and the car went into limp mode. Car stayed running but the throttle didn't react (limp mode) I pulled the car over, shut off the AC and rolled down the windows.... nothing sounded unusual. I shifted from Drive to nuetral then to park and back to drive. Still nothing unusual. Well, thank goodnesss a dodge service center was just up the street about a 100 yards. I drove the car to shop at closing time. They nicely plugged my car up to a computer. i don't know the CEL code but the tech stated that it was a stored code ( not active) and that it said that the code was because the computer said that the final gear ratio was invalid. The tech said it sounded like a computer glitch and cleared the code. The dealership scheduled a pre-emptive appointment for this friday and also stated that there was a TCM update that they would install on Friday as well. Drove the car away and nothing unusual afterwards.

Now the good news: I DID notice that the car seemed to "wake up" afterwards. There was a light rain on my way home. I had to seriously BABY the throttle ( like I was stepping on a fragile egg) to prevent the back end from coming around. Traction control was on but the car was acting like it gained 100 HP. Strange.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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