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You just use careful washing practices, nothing particular because it's coated. The only caveat may be to not use a shampoo that has fillers, glossifiers, wash'n wax, etc. You don't want to add anything to the properties of the coating with your shampoo

For example

These products will not harm the coating, but will mask the natural water repellent properties of the coating. It's not a "Never do this!" thing, but there are so many good neutral ph balanced shampoos that don't leave a coating behind

For instance, another shampoo by Meguiar's will not leave a coating behind

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash

I use CarPro Reset designed for coated cars

Most coating manufacturers also have a shampoo, these would work with any coated car

GYEON quartz Q²M Bathe

Gtechniq W1 G Wash

Just use a quality shampoo with no fillers, soft wash mitts, 2 bucket wash, and quality towels.

A Guy
Wow, what a comprehensive reply! Much appreciated. I have roughly 10K to spend on my 2015 R/T and was thinking:

  • Nitto tires
  • Ceramic
  • not sure what to do about exhaust ( performance shop here in Toronto recommended swapping to Hellcat exhaust?), also considering custom exhaust
Again , thanks for your amazing response.
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