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Challenge Rally Stripe Kit for 2008-2014 Dodge Challenger - $175.00
This Challenge Rally Stripe Kit is made specifically for the Challenger, giving it that classic double stripe look. Included is a set of two 10' bumper to bumper rally stripes engineered to have a 2' gap between. Made of 3M or Avery 2 mil high performance vinyl film, each piece is precut to fit the Challenger and requires no cutting on the vehicle. Please note that we have seen inconsistencies with Avery, so we highly suggest choosing 3M colors
Available in 4 different packages, so please choose from drop down menu above if your Challenger has spoiler or XM antenna.
Shipping Note: The standard colors of Matte Black, Gloss Black, Silver Metallic, and Bright White are kept in stock and ship right away, but other colors will take up to 3 business days to ship after you order.
Warranty Information: Vinyl placed on horizontal surfaces is not warrantied by any of the manufacturers, but they will warranty vinyl placed on the sides of the vehicle for materials defects for 5-7 years. Installation errors or damage from debris, misuse, or ordinary wear from rubbing, etc. are not covered.

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FREE SHIPPING in the Lower 48 states! Half price shipping to Canada.
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