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Congrats to Dirtkicker for being the winner of our 10th Anniversary Contest. For winning the contest, he receives a Lifetime Premium Membership & is featured on the homepage.


Congrats to our second place winner: 171sf (prize received is a 5-year annual membership)

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Thanks to everyone for participating in this fun event. I hope that you learned some interesting facts about the development of our great car.

For the curious, here are the answers to the Challenger concept trivia questions:

1. Name the month/year and the name of the event in which the Challenger concept first appeared.- January 2006; Chrysler Press Conference- North American Auto Show.
2. Name the three current and former executives of Daimler-Chrysler who appeared on the stage.- Trevor Creed, Senior VP of Design, Tom LaSorda- President/CEO, and Dieter Zetsche, (former)President/CEO.
3. Which Hollywood actress also made an appearance on the stage?- Eva Longoria.
4. A FedEx box was opened on stage. What four things were in the box?- Guitar, Fireman’s Hat, Cowboy hat and Black Derby. Also, Dieter Zetsche.
5. What was the name of the other concept car that was introduced?- Chrysler Imperial.
6. What was the full name of the studio that designed the concept car?- West Coast Pacifica Studio.
7. What were the names of the two exterior and interior designers of the concept car?- Micheal Castiglione and Alan Barrington.
8. How many employees worked for the design studio? 10-20, 21-30, or 40+.- 21-30.
9. What was the year that the studio was charged with creating a MOPAR concept car?- 2004.
10. What four cars were used as ideas for a MOPAR concept car?- ‘Cuda, Road Runner, Challenger and Charger.
11. Why was the 1970 Challenger selected as the design inspiration over the 1971 model?- Most widely recognized and goes for the most money at auctions.
12. Was the studio initially aware that its concept car would go into production?- No.
13. What other color was considered for the Challenger concept car?- Plum Crazy.
14. Which Chrysler executive coined the phrase, “in your mind’s eye?”- Tom Tremont, VP of Advanced Vehicle Design.
15. What style wheels were originally considered for the Challenger concept?- 1970 style Rallye Wheels.
16. What two features on the Challenger concept were influenced by guns?- Six-Gun Shooter inner Headlights and Glock shift handle.
17. Which company built the concept car?- Metalcrafters.
18. What was the composition of its body?- Carbon Fiber.
19. Two classic Challengers were used by the design studio for inspiration. What were their years?- 1970 and 1973.
20. Was the concept car an R/T, SRT, or no designation?- R/T.
21. Comments from what automotive magazine’s blog influenced Chrysler executives to have two doors and a manual transmission for the concept?- Popular Hot Rodding.
22. Why didn’t the concept car have a racing gas cap, like the 2008 SRT production model?- Ran out of design time.
23. There are about 33 differences (some significant, some minor) between the concept car and the 2008 SRT production model. Name 10 of them. (Note- You can get a 5 point bonus by naming 30 differences).
· Entire car body was made of carbon fiber.
· True hardtop. All side windows went up and down. No B-pillar.
· Functional butterfly CAI hood scoops.
· 6.1 Hemi painted logo on hood (inside hood stripe).
· Hood stripes were not tape- just clear-coated carbon fiber.
· Engine covers were black with brushed aluminum inserts and orange lettering.
· Challenger nameplate in engine bay between hood latch and CAI.
· No “beverage holders” in radiator support area.
· No racing gas cap.
· Rocker panels were painted the same color as the body (Hemi-orange).
· Bulls eye Dodge family grill.
· No front or rear spoilers.
· Different door handle design.
· Front windshield was longer.
· Hood design more closely resembled the 1970 model.
· Brushed aluminum trim in lower portion of rear bumper .
· Hood struts.
· Challenger rear fender emblems.
· Chrome tailpipe tips were quads.
· Flowmaster exhaust.
· Custom forged aluminum slotted wheels- 20” in front and 21” in rear.
· Custom Goodyear tires with tribal pattern.
· Cross-drilled rotors.
· Customer brake calipers with “Challenger” embossed on them.
· Headlights are flush mounted separate units.
· Side running lights were larger and located higher- below center beltline.
· Inner turn signal “six-shooter” lights are LEDs.
· Tail lights are full length LEDs.
· Two white back-up lights in rear bumper.
· Three spoke steering wheel.
· Dash cluster was modeled after engine block cylinders (non-functional).
· Console was brushed aluminum and canted towards the driver.
· Radio and HVAC controls.
· Pattern of front and rear seats. Also no R/T logo in orange seatback stripe.

24. At what NASCAR race, on 7/1/06, did Chrysler announce that it would produce the 2008 Challenger?- Pepsi 400 NASCAR.
25. Dodge had an on-line Event Countdown Clock. At what date and hour (CST) did it signal the start of production for the 2008 model?- February 6, 2008.

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Pretty cool, congratulations to the winners. Hard to believe my Challenger is over nine years old and I ordered it at that Chicago auto show in 2006.
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