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I added Insider News' "7 Best 2014 Cars for the Money" to the Challenger's awards list.

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You guys should print this out. It has become quite an award list since I began compiling it in 2006!

Best of Show- 2006 Challenger Concept-North America International Auto Show (Detroit) Concept
Best of Show (2006)- LA Auto Show
Best Concept Car (2006)- Autoweek
People's Choice Award for 2006- NAIAS
2008 Collectible Car of the Future- Friends of the National Automotive History Collection (NAHC)
CNET Editor’s Choice- October 2008
Top Owner Satisfaction List for 2009- Annual Auto Survey
Consumer Reports 10 Best Looking Cars for 2009-
Most Appealing Mid-Size Sporty Car- J.D. Power & Associates 2009 APEAL Survey
Best of Class Ideal Vehicle for 2009, Sporty Car Category- Auto Pacific
The 25 Most Collectible Cars of the Last 25 Years (SRT8)- Consumer Guide Automotive Recommended Buy for 2009- Consumer Guides Automotive
Motor Trend Car of the Year (contender)-Motor Trend
5-Star Safety Rating (2009 Challenger)- NHTSA
Most Beautiful Cars 2010- Forbes
2010 Polk Loyalty Award- Sports Car
10 Cars that Will Look Good in 10 Years- U.S. News & World Report (March 2011)
Top Ten Most Fun to Drive Cars- Fast Car Lane (2011 Challenger SRT)
Best Mid-Size Sporty Car 2011- J.D. Power and Associates (Initial Quality)
America’s Best-Loved Cars- J.D. Power & Associates 2011 APEAL Survey-1st Place Midsize Sporty
2012 Shoppers’ Choice Award- “Best of 2012” NAIAS Event
Top 10 Cars to Drive to the Big Game- Roadfly TV
2011 Polk Automotive Award- Sports Car Category- Polk Loyalty Awards
Best Affordable Sports Cars 2012 (4 of 8)- U.S. News & World Report
MSN 2012 “Manly Machines.”
Auto Industry’s Greatest Hits (2013 Retro Cars)-
Fox News- Challenger SRT- One of the Five Best Remakes, Future Classic.
2013 Shoppers’ Choice Award-
Strategic Vision- 18th Annual Total Quality Index Study- Runner-up, Specialty Coupe
10 Affordable Cars with High Exterior Design Ratings- J.D. Power (2013)
2013 Polk Loyalty Award- Non-Luxury Sport Mid-Size Car
Top 10 Future Collectible Cars- 2014 Challenger Shaker- Hagerty Insurance
Top Gear (BBC): The Cool 500- The Coolest Cars Ever Made
Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value (2014)- Kelley Blue Book
7 of the Best 2014 Cars for the Money- Insider News
Initial Quality Study Award- Mid-Size Sporty Car- J.D. Power (2014)
Top 10 Most Appealing Cars- J.D. Power & Associates 2014 APEAL Survey
One of the 7 Best 2014 Cars for the Money- InsiderCarNews
Total Quality Impact Award- Specialty Car Coupe (2016)- Strategic Vision

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I added Strategic Vision's Total Impact Quality Award to Challenger's impressive list of awards.
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