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I would like to start out making this statement. Whoever stated this car cannot handle winter weather with the stock Eagle RSA's cannot drive.

I am writing this post right now from a house in Traverse City, Michigan. Those of you familiar with this area or the remainder of the Northern USA are aware that this place does not simply get snowed on. Mother nature $hits white stuff like a bad case of albino Diarrhea all over this region.

Knowing this and taking appropriate precautions I purchased a set of snow socks and put about 200 lbs of crap in my trunk because I was afraid this car would handle like an early 70's Camaro in the snow. I would like to happily report it does not, in fact this car is a snow tank. When the snow got deep on the interstate half way through Illinois I took her to a Walmart parking lot to test her handling limits so I would know what pace I could keep safely on my trip.

First I did a test in full ESP/BAS disabled with the key trick. I started off with mild throttle and after a little wheelspin (no more than a front driver) she took off. I drove to 30mph and turned hard trying to induce oversteer. Predictably the rear end took off, however after apply opposite steering lock and a little throttle she straightened out and became stable again. Get handling even without TCS.

Next I went full ESP on and needless to say I could not get this car to fishtail. It would not let me do it. I would mash the throttle and the car would limit applied throttle to the amount necessary to start off without wheelspin. After throwing the car into a 25 mph lateral slide the car traveled about 5 feet, applied abs in such a manner that the car was able to straighten itself out. Now I know why the local police use Chargers, with proper tires these things are great winter cars. God forbid they come out with an AWD Challenger
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