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I am 6 ft 10 in tall do you recommend any specific car that I would fit in because I am super tall???
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I recommend going to a dodge dealer & sitting in whatever your budget & height let's u really. Lol

I'm 6' 2" & I'm not all the way back in my seat but I also drive "spirited" with my manual SPWB

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That tall, a Grand Cherokee/Durango/Ram without a sunroof.
I had a coworker that was 6'9" and his family had a SRT8 JGC (2011+ style) and I believe he actually got a Cherokee.
I know that some very large/tall people were confortable in my 2006 Charger, but they said driving would have been tough due to visibility of the lowered edge for the top of the windshield. One guy was 6'5" but over 450#, huge man, he actually fit in my PT Cruiser, and if it was an automatic, could have driven it in an emergency, but again the top of the windshield was too low. At that height, you are almost limited to trucks, or something that police can use. Sometimes the manual seats are actually lower then the power ones, so check that as well.
As for leg room, I know they used to move seats at the dealership for very tall people on certain cars, a 6'6" friend of mine had that done for his Grand Am.

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Talking Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, I doubt you would fit any of the cars.

The Durango has ~40" of headroom and ~40" of leg room, so without modification your only looking at 6'6". The Grand Cherokee is about the same. You might not fit the SUVs either without modification.

Looking at the Ram you only get about an extra 1" compared to the SUVs. Still not enough unless there is a model I overlooked.

Ironically the Challenger has more legroom at 42", but only 39.3" of headoom.

(Figures above pulled from Car&Driver)

The Jeep Wrangler actually has 42.6" of headroom and 41.2" legroom. Still too short by an inch.

The only vehicles I could find doing a quick search that might work are the Ford Expedition: 42"/43.9", and Chevy Tahoe/Suburban: 42.8"/43.5".

2020 Hyundai Santa Fe - Front Headroom: 41.2 in | Front Legroom: 44.1 in

I recommend doing some more research online and for sure test drive. Good luck.

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