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Let's list all of the things that we have that are Challenger-related, but not part of the actual car.

When the Challenger first came out in 2008, I made it a point to buy/collect as many things as I could find. I knew from experience that after a car is out for a few years, and the wow factor wears off, stuff gets harder to find.

Here are a few things that I collected:

12 long and short-sleeve shirts with various Challenger decals
3 SRT shirts
Challenger Hemi-orange and black baseball cap
SRT baseball cap
SRT flag
SRT caution cone
Challenger 2008 promotional T-shirt (shaped as a car)
40 automotive magazines (covering the 2006 concept car and the 2008-2009 models)
Extensive collection of Internet articles (covering the 2006 concept car and the 2008-2009 models)
Assorted Challenger DVDs (commercials and reviews)
Challenger sales brochures (all years to date)
Challenger pocket folders
Challenger pencils
Challenger key chain
SRT key chain
Diecast Challenger cars (3 different sizes)
6.1 Hemi Engine model (moving parts)

What do you guys have?

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All I've got :)


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I have the jim beam decanter. Yellow 70 challenger model. Jim beam whiskey gone. I bought it with original box
I have 2 of those. 1 is yellow, the other is Plumb-crazy. They are in their boxes, and the bottles are empty too. I just wonder if they really did put whiskey in these, or were they sold as a novelty item?
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