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Tools needed:

Floor Jack, Jack stands
7 & 10 mm sockets with ratchet and extensions
6 Plastic Rivets and Rivet tool/or 6 Push Pins
Hand Riveter with 40 Industrial Strength Poly Rivets

Push Pins #5116530AA

Auto trim removal tools
5 Piece Auto Trim and Molding Tool Set

A safe place to park the fascia after removal.

Fascia Removal

1. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands or lift.

2. Raise and support the hood if R/T. SRT8 has hood lifts.

3. Remove the two Hood Latch Closeout Panels (passenger side first) from the vehicle. (See Photo 1.1) Note: use care when removing the Panel as to not break the Retaining Posts on the bottom of each.

4. Remove the Push Pin Fasteners from the top of the Front Fascia. (See Photo 1.2)

5. Remove the Upper Front Fascia Mounting Nuts. (See Photo 1.3)

6. Remove the Push Pin Fasteners and Challenger Plastic Rivets in each wheel well that attach the Wheel Arch Panel to the
Front Fascia and the Lower Radiator Closeout Panel. (See Photo 1.4) (I drilled out the rivets and replaced them with Push Pin Fasteners like the ones from the Lower Radiator Closeout Panel I bought at the dealer #5116530AA.)

7. Remove the Mounting Bolts, Push Pin Fasteners and remove the Lower Radiator Closeout Panel from the vehicle. (See Photo 1.5)(You can remove the wheels or turn them in sharply to gain access.)

8. Pull the Wheel Arch Panel back out of the way in order to gain access to and remove the Mounting Bolt and Mounting Nut in each wheel well that attaches the Front Fascia to the Body. (See Photo 1.6 & 1.7)

9. Disconnect the Fog Lights Connector. (See Photo 1.8)

10. There is a Mounting Bracket attached to the body in the curve just above the side marker light on each side of the Front Fascia. This Mounting Bracket has two retaining clips that have to be released that hold the Front Fascia to the body. Grab the panel below the curve and pull outward to release the tabs on both sides of the body. (See Photo 1.9 & 1.10)

11. Carefully lift the Front Fascia of the vehicle being careful not to damage it. Place the Front Fascia in a location where it can’t be damaged. (I used two straight back dining chairs. Resting the lower spoiler/air dam on the seats with the top leaned back on the backs of the chairs.)

12. Reverse steps to replace the Front Fascia. The retaining clips on the Mounting Bracket just snap back into place on both sides by pushing with the palm of your hand inward.
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