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Hello Guys,

As you may notice this is my first post! I am a car guy in the truest sense; I love them all. I have always admired Dodge styling and performance and my family has owned more Dodges than any other brand actually. I am not a "fanboy" of any particular brand. I am, however, partial towards American cars for several reasons. Chiefly, I believe they do make quality competitive cars. So, in that respect, I guess you could say I'm a domestic "fanboy", but even then, I have owned foreign cars and will again, so biased is more of an apt description.

I currently own a 2014 Mustang GT and have a 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack on order (The same exact spec Mustang that was in Need For Speed and many adverts- red w/black wheels). I was amongst the group of enthusiasts that placed my order on the day after the order banks opened in May. It will be a long wait, however, until those cars hit the street. The most recent forecast is November.

Anyway, since ordering the '15 Mustang, I've considered more and more seriously the idea of cancelling and ordering a 2015 Challenger 392 Scat Pack. I still have months to cancel without it affecting me negatively in any way since I haven't even gotten a future build date yet, let alone a VIN. Nothing sounds as glorious as that 392 HEMI rumble. When they unveiled the Hellcat, I, for the first time considered cancelling my order for the 2015 'Stang immediately lol. It was fu*&%$g awesome in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately, I don't believe I can afford the Hellcat in the slightest, hence, "settling" for the 392 Scat Pack. I LOVE that Shaker Hood.

I wanted to introduce myself and also I'd like to know any of the latest info, ordering, possible pricing rumors... I've read somewhere the order banks have just opened. And Chrysler has projected an earlier release date than Ford actually.
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Only appreciating one brand of car is like a person saying I'm an art lover but only if it's Picasso, LOL.
There are those who don't understand it's possible to like challengers, and mustangs, and camaros, and even (GASP) imports all at the same time.
They typically keep to themselves unless you have anything positive to say about any car other than a challenger LOL.
I would add a challenger to your stable in place of a second Mustang if I were you
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