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Hello Guys,

As you may notice this is my first post! I am a car guy in the truest sense; I love them all. I have always admired Dodge styling and performance and my family has owned more Dodges than any other brand actually. I am not a "fanboy" of any particular brand. I am, however, partial towards American cars for several reasons. Chiefly, I believe they do make quality competitive cars. So, in that respect, I guess you could say I'm a domestic "fanboy", but even then, I have owned foreign cars and will again, so biased is more of an apt description.

I currently own a 2014 Mustang GT and have a 2015 Mustang GT Performance Pack on order (The same exact spec Mustang that was in Need For Speed and many adverts- red w/black wheels). I was amongst the group of enthusiasts that placed my order on the day after the order banks opened in May. It will be a long wait, however, until those cars hit the street. The most recent forecast is November.

Anyway, since ordering the '15 Mustang, I've considered more and more seriously the idea of cancelling and ordering a 2015 Challenger 392 Scat Pack. I still have months to cancel without it affecting me negatively in any way since I haven't even gotten a future build date yet, let alone a VIN. Nothing sounds as glorious as that 392 HEMI rumble. When they unveiled the Hellcat, I, for the first time considered cancelling my order for the 2015 'Stang immediately lol. It was fu*&%$g awesome in a myriad of ways. Unfortunately, I don't believe I can afford the Hellcat in the slightest, hence, "settling" for the 392 Scat Pack. I LOVE that Shaker Hood.

I wanted to introduce myself and also I'd like to know any of the latest info, ordering, possible pricing rumors... I've read somewhere the order banks have just opened. And Chrysler has projected an earlier release date than Ford actually.
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You'll find there are alot more mustang owners here than you'd expect. Some of us gave up a faster mustang for the RT with no regrets, I sold my 2004 SVT Cobra for my 2010 challenger RT, and am still pleased with the purchase. I would however have opted for the 392 if it had been available back then, but the 5.7 actually performs quite well. It is a different type of ride than the mustang, a lot smoother, mine doesn't have the track pack so it feels a little soft, but when pushed the challenger holds to the road great, does not have excessive body roll, and has more than enough power to get yourself in trouble with. You'll find the Hemi tends to like being wound up a little higher than the mustang does. Its a world of difference driving a challenger at 80 vs a mustang GT at the same speed. And you'll find cruising steady speeds pretty much feel the same at 70 as they do at 100 without noticing any strain. Dangerous for those of us on longer trips as you tend to speed up over time. first time i've ever been caught over 90 was this year, and I'd been driving it for 4 years.

Unless you want more road feel, to notice every pebble you run over, enjoy feeling a little cramped with 4 people in the car, you won't regret getting a challenger at least over a GT, a shelby may be a different story, haven't tried one of those yet. Personally I'm thinking of either getting a used boss or shelby in a few years to replace the challenger, or I may splurge and get a hellcat instead.
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While I'd agree that mustangs often become two seaters most of the time, you can force 4 grownups inside with accommodations. On long trips, which for us is 375 miles one way, there is room for everyone to fit in comfort, with room for a wide rear armrest. My grown daughters (college age) could cocoon back there, I'm 6'1", and will move it forward an extra inch or two to give extra room so they can move legs without kicking the seats. I wouldn't want to put someone as tall as you directly behind the driver, my kids are both 5 footers. I like the auto, even if it is a 5 speed, agree that an 8spd should be an improvement. I've never touched the roof of mine with my head and I have a sunroof.

An srt8 version of either will likely suit your purpose. The chargers are usually cheaper than challengers are. You will enjoy the extra space, comfort doesn't suck either, My RT seats are much more comfortable than my 2004 or my 2000 GT ever were.

To tell the truth, when spending that much on a car, the gas guzzler tax is barely a consideration. An auto 392 tend to get just as good or better mileage as the 5.7's do, as for value, thats hard to make a call, I think you get as much for one as the other, they are a bit packaged differently. I haven't missed the mustang size for the challenger yet, I've been pretty happy with both ford and dodge over the years, even liked pontiac for the wife to drive, as a brand loyalist I'm not very good at it. It just seems I tend to hold the dodges longer.
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I get between 18-21`mpg in combined driving. to get anywhere here you have to get on the highway, if only doing city I suspect its around 15 or 16, unlike some I use my mds. Build quality on my 2010 was very very good in comparison to my fords, however, I got the challenger new, I got the fords lightly used.

I never understood the problem with the solid rear axle people have with mustangs, the 2000 GT had a solid the 2004 had an independent rear. I drove the 2004 harder more often but it didn't feel that much better than the older GT. If you took it to the track or sloloms I can see the difference, but not for everyday use. Only issue i ever had was the tranny on the 04, eventually a warranty rebuild fixed that. It didn't like to powershift without a little trimming or modification of the linkage.
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