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Ok what a bonehead am I? I just opened the hood of my new Challenger today to find that the Hood Lifts are there and obviously they are now included in the car. In fact the lift rod openings for the plastic fascia doesn't even have the cut out for the assembly nada, zip, nothing.

Anyhow I had ordered a kit that is brand new in the box thinking that I didn't have these. Thank you very much Dodge.

Brand new Mopar cost me $51.90 with delivery, and that is your price. First I'll take it and its yours. I will pick up the shipping delivery charges for you.

I am in Maryland.....if you can send a MO that would be great and I'll send it to you same day received, you can send a pers. check too if you like.

Thank can send a pm for any contact info etc.:thumbsup:
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