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Challenger race track handling

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My wife and I are shopping for our Dream car, we test drove a charger and really liked it ,our background is in some track days and autocross , and lots of canyon carving . The Challenger has caught our eye we both love the look but haven't test drove one . here is the question
How does this car handle the curves does it need coilovers and sways right away ? what are your driving impressions you autocross road coarse canyon carvers start bragging sell me on this car !!!! Thanks
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My 11 SRT8 m6 runs around NHMS with in 1 second of my 01 C5 coupe the SRT is dead stock right down to tires the C5 had R6's and aftermarket brakes, after 10 laps the tires are too hot but the car is flat fun to drive and it will out run a C5 Z06 on the straights and brake with it in to the turns even though it out weighs it by 1K .....
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