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Challenger race track handling

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My wife and I are shopping for our Dream car, we test drove a charger and really liked it ,our background is in some track days and autocross , and lots of canyon carving . The Challenger has caught our eye we both love the look but haven't test drove one . here is the question
How does this car handle the curves does it need coilovers and sways right away ? what are your driving impressions you autocross road coarse canyon carvers start bragging sell me on this car !!!! Thanks
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I tracked an SRT8 Charger for 2 years before buying a track-only mustang to class race W2W.

You need good brake fluid and pads, stock rotors are fine but won't last but a couple weekends. My 08 would blow power steering pumps so I installed coolers for PS, oil, and tranny all at once. Stock suspension, wheels, etc on street tires. Finally ran a weekend with a set of Hoosier's R6's and pulled 2:18's at VIR (look it up, that's fast!)

My car ran great out the box. Not sure what improvements might exist on the new ones??? Mine was (still is) my daily driver so interior and other MODS weren't an option.
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