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Challenger race track handling

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My wife and I are shopping for our Dream car, we test drove a charger and really liked it ,our background is in some track days and autocross , and lots of canyon carving . The Challenger has caught our eye we both love the look but haven't test drove one . here is the question
How does this car handle the curves does it need coilovers and sways right away ? what are your driving impressions you autocross road coarse canyon carvers start bragging sell me on this car !!!! Thanks
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Are you looking at an SRT or an RT? If you plan in tracking the car the SRT provides a much better starting point as you have better brakes, sways etc out if the gate. That said there is still a lot you can do to improve handling, braking, weight savings etc from there. We are big fans of road coursing our cars and have developed a complete line of suspension a and weight reduction products for this platform. So in short, yes the car can be a ton if fun on track, and yes you can make it a lot better as well!

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Thanks ,yes we were looking at the srt8 , how do you find the stock challenger/ charger srt8 . what kind of "road course /track list " of improvement would you make ( the nonpowered kind ) (at first anyway ) Lol
Usual stuff like higher temp brake fluid and upgraded pads are the easy mods

Coilovers are a huge improvement over even the great SRT suspension
Sway Bars also a huge upgrade
Those are must dos if you track a lot IMO

We also have billet tension and fully adjustable, rear control arms, which are great not only better bushings for less deflection but also the adjustability helps on lowered cars
Bump steer correction kit
Sway bar end links
Subframe connectors (one of my favorite mods)
Also tubular fronts which actually adjust camber properly
Front and rear strut tower braces firm things up a but more
We now have a bolt in harness bar to enable install of harnesses

If you want to lose some weight we offer a rear seat delete, light weight bumper supports, tubular k member etc etc

Just depends how far you want to go. :)

I love the SRT cars on the road course, have done track time at palm beach international, homestead, Daytona as well as autobahn cc in Illinois. Tons if fun and my 06 is in the process of turning into a dedicated road race setup. In fact this weekend I will be on track testing some new yet to be released suspension bits ;)

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Love that video. That guy is flying.

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That is Luc, a customer of ours and also a Challenger talk member.

Lots of mods to his Challenger
Vortech Supercharger
KW Coilovers
Strut Tower braces
Sway Bars
brembo 8 Piston Brake upgrade
And more
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