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Challenger race track handling

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My wife and I are shopping for our Dream car, we test drove a charger and really liked it ,our background is in some track days and autocross , and lots of canyon carving . The Challenger has caught our eye we both love the look but haven't test drove one . here is the question
How does this car handle the curves does it need coilovers and sways right away ? what are your driving impressions you autocross road coarse canyon carvers start bragging sell me on this car !!!! Thanks
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Lowly base R/T owner here with only simple mods. (see signature).

If you are looking for a car that will get you to the corners while being comfortable and capable to haul any belongings easily, then you might want to test drive a Challenger. Myself, I would do the test drive rather spiritedly. Just saying.......

Probably the most fun I've gad with my clothes on;

This was NOT the best run. The best run was the evening before, running with a McLaren Mercedes SLR. My $30k Dodge was not embarrassed by the $200k?+ "super car".
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