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Well tell Luc that he can drive... that was dam impressive
I second that. That was amazing! Passing cars like they were standin' still.

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i say Go Luc, Go Luc, Go Luc... rev matching is for the aspiring HPDE driver who wants more,,,

seems Luc was just having lots of fun with his super powered beast blowing through sunday novice drivers not caring much about the best line possible, apexes, track out and all that jazz

sometimes being on the track does not mean that at all times you need to be doing the exact text book application or running all perfect lines; as long as you keep it safe and predictible for the other drivers

obviously this was an open track day in Germany where they definitely seem not to have the NASA type racing/track day framework we have here

he is just driving sometimes pitching the apex, sometimes going late...but at the end who cares;

ok i don't;

i enjoyed the video months and months ago as in 2012 it was almost the only dodge challenger on youtube on a road course; today we have a Trans am challenger on youtube doing trial laps

that is the best F'ing news in SCCA sanctioned road racing!! period!

2 years later there are a lot more videos; that's what matters to me

Go Luc! Keep the fun and post more if you are listening

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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