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Challenger Shaker advertising

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Look at this ad:
Dodge Challenger 2dr Coupe Shaker Pkg | eBay
You don't know whether it's a shaker or not. Picture sure isn't a shaker. Description doen't say so. Title is misleading. Don't you hate this crap advertising.This is a bait and switch if I ever saw it or else they need to fire their advertising monkey.:wave:
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Aside from the obvious Shaker missing, the description says manual trans and the pics show an automatic. If you're interested, call the dealer to be sure. Get the vin
Do a search on the vin number on google to get the dealer site....
Here is the window sticker...
Window Sticker

Window says shaker. Pretty loaded RT.
It's a Mopar 14
That's just a stock photo he used, rather than a photo of the actual car. Seems like a lazy way to to do it, but that's just me.
You would think I would have something better to do , but after studying the window sticker here:

I am beginning to think that I own a R/T Shaker car and this is an R/T with some Shaker characteristics, but the picture is that of a stock black challenger that came out of a magazine.Talk about confusion.
So can you get an R/T with a shaker hood that is not really a R/T Shaker is my next question?
If I owned a "Top Banana" like yours, I wouldn't even worry about it. What a great looking car. I love yellow, and have a 1970 Buick GSX with Ford's "screaming yellow" paint. Yellow is not just for chickens.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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