The blower has about 65-70k miles on it. Had the blower off about 5k miles ago, due to the IM gaskets leaking so while it was off I changed the oil in it with GM SC oil, recommended by Edelbrock. The blower is currently on the car, if local can see/hear it run. Comes with a 3.25 griptec pulley installed and if i can remember where i put the original 3.875 pulley it will be included as well.

I also have a custom aluminum moroso heat exchanger coolant reservoir that i will throw in, the original plastic one has a small leak.

The coil cover stand offs are missing a rubber piece or two, wasnt really an issue for me as i do not run the coil covers. Im sure you can get some from Edelbrock for a few bucks.

Price is $4500 with original kit injectors or $5000 with FIC 1000cc injectors

Would really like to sell local, will think about shipping.