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challengers are amazing

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yet again I get a nod and a "nice car" from the driver next to me today.
It still stuns me that five years later a base model Dodge still garners regular attention like that...I mean it's not a Viper for crying out loud.
Despite it's imperfections, flaws etc the challenger is one car that has PRESENCE in a sea of uninspired styling.
Even when parked next to it's contemporaries the crowd always gravitates to the simply COMMANDS attention

Thank you again Dodge for the challenger :woot:
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Indeed, it is amazing how the attention these get doesn't seem to wane.

A few days ago I was leaving CVS and there was a car stopped behind mine, the woman yelled out "I just took a picture of your car, my grandson is going to LOVE it!"

Then on Sunday I'm walking back to my car after having some lunch, there are a few people in front of me walking back to their car as well (Apparently in a neighboring lot) and I hear one of them say "I really like the green on THAT car, isn't that cool?" to which I respond "I like it, too." as I walk over to my door. They laughed and she said she wants a Ford Fiesta in green.

What's also amazing is how many people feel the need to beat their vehicular chest as they pass by, usually by revving as they're going the opposite direction or doing fly-bys. Reminds me of the little black birds that dive bomb hawks. ;)
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