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challengers are amazing

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yet again I get a nod and a "nice car" from the driver next to me today.
It still stuns me that five years later a base model Dodge still garners regular attention like that...I mean it's not a Viper for crying out loud.
Despite it's imperfections, flaws etc the challenger is one car that has PRESENCE in a sea of uninspired styling.
Even when parked next to it's contemporaries the crowd always gravitates to the simply COMMANDS attention

Thank you again Dodge for the challenger :woot:
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Every summer in my town, the vintage muscle cars come out to play.
Original and restored Challengers, Chargers, GTO's, Camaros, etc. Not sure where all these guys are hiding these bad boys but this is the best time of the year to me.
Every time I pull up next to one at a light or am passing one in the other lane, they give me a thumbs up and I return the favor. As a younger guy, it's always an awesome feeling to kinda feel like you're in the older guys cool club.
If one of my buddies or my girlfriend are riding with me, they always go, "Do you know that guy?", and I say, "Nope, but it's like the Jeep thing, except way cooler." Hah!
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