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Challengers near Albequerque New Mexico? Please read my brother's story.

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My brother Stan was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Three months after his doctors told him of his condition, his wife Nancy, of 43 years, (high school sweethearts) was also diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4. Tragically, she passed away in April. There are no words to describe the grief he is experiencing for his loss and for his battle with cancer. I am so sad for my brother. Especially now with social distancing and all the crazy stuff that we all are experiencing at this time. It is very difficult for him to have any social experience because he is high risk. I live in New Jersey where we grew up and sadly cannot be with him.

He just purchased a beautiful 2020 Challenger R/T Scat Pack 6.4L, 392 hp to make him feel happy.

Is anyone interested near Rio Rancho, New Mexico in forming a Challenger convoy/rally to pass by his house to support him in his battle? This would be amazing for him! I wish I could be with something wonderful for him.

Thank you, everyone for reading my brother Stan's story.

God Bless all and be safe!

Warm regards,

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Welcome to Challengertalk Wendy ;) Sorry to hear about Stan's illness and tragedy. All my best to him, good luck

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