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IG @reedbydesign isn't messing around with his Challenger! Decked out in ORACLE Lighting, he glows in the dark from every angle and turns every head.

ORACLE halos are the most head-turning modification you can do for a small investment, utilizing the latest lighting technology and the highest quality materials available on the market. For an even easier install, choose the surface mount version that features SMD halos that are resin injected resulting in an IP67 waterproof rating. Installed directly to the outside of the vehicle’s headlight lens, installation is easy even for a novice! The halo kit is 12V powered and can be wired to a controller, switch, or parking light wiring harness.

This Challenger has matching ColorSHIFT fog light halos that give a great cohesive look to the front-end. You can set the lights to be one single color or use one of our ColorSHIFT® controllers to program color patterns and themes the simply switch the lights back to white for legal on-road use! (ColorSHIFT products require a ColorSHIFT controller to operate properly; check out your options here!)

The underbody glow is thanks to ORACLE flex LED strips feature high-quality USA-made Bridgelux SMD chips for maximum quality, brightness, and longevity. Not only are the SMDs excellent quality, but there are more LEDs per section than our competition. Each section of strip comes cut to length, soldered, and heat shrunk by our own technicians here in-house.

Ready to light up your Challenger? PM for a special forum discount on!

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