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First of, hello all.

Trying to help a friend out with a 2012 challenger SXT . This thing is lighting up like a christmas tree. Here is the background

Few weeks ago, the car died. The battery got replaced. Turned out it was a bad alternator. So after buying an alternator from a dealer for 600 dam dollars the car was up and running again with no warning lights (after a jump start, the NEW battery had been drained before they figured out it was an alternator) -_- . About 100 miles latter the check engine light comes on. A few hundred miles after that the ABS and Traction control light come on. Those two lights came and went for a while as the did check engine light.

So, we take it to get the the codes read and all that shows up is a miss fire on cylinder 2.

Now things we know about the car.
1. The tire pressure sensor on the left front tire needs to be replaced. Not sure how my friend knows this, but she was told apparently at a tire place.

2. new alternator was installed with a dead battery. the car was jump started and left to run for a bit

3. Battery is showing 84 percent charge but no issues with amp etc on the diagonstics

4. charging system is comming back good with the test kit

5. Tire on the left front is showing alignment wear

6. Car was left without battery for close to a week

This is the SXT version with the push button start so the key dance is not happening unless someone else knows how to get the codes with this type of ignition.

PLEASE HELP GUYS! Not sure where to start here. I know im going to replace the coil and plug for #2 cylinder (cant even find the dam coil, help with that would be great as well)

The car has 46k miles and is out of warrenty. OH and on a side note, the airbag light has been on and off for a while now as well. But thats another issue all together.

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A similar problem happened with my wife's Ford. I thought that it was a bad battery and had it replaced under warranty. After a week, the ABS and traction control warning lights came on and the car died about 10 minutes later. It was diagnosed as a bad alternator.

The old alternator was not charging the battery and when it started to wear down, it did not have enough power to run the systems.

After having the alternator replaced several months ago, everything is fine.

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Were any of the repairs performed at the dealer?
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