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As close to an auto-industry crystal ball as any single page on the internet can be, we've launched a new Future Cars section dedicated to reporting on the latest in what's coming next.

There's an old belief that concept cars never make it to production. On the contrary, they almost always do; they just often change enough over time, evolving significantly from wild design studies to more practical people movers. The new AutoGuide Future Cars pages will let you track the development of your favorite model or keep tabs on what new an exciting cars are coming down the pipe.

From early rumors to spy photos our Future Cars pages will follow the development of highly-anticipated new vehicles until they reach the market sometimes years from now. We aim to give you the straight facts and plenty of enticing rumors on exactly what we do know about these cars, along with photo galleries of concept cars and, of course, video previews of the near-production vehicles before all the hard specs have been confirmed.

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Mopar 14 info !!!!!

I hope the mods can put this info in the proper place, I just came across this and want to share...enjoy :headbang2: ’14 Challenger: Shaking with power and style

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Car fans will want to start watching for the “shaker” hood again next summer, this time on the limited-edition Mopar ’14 Challenger – the latest special-edition car from the parts, accessories and customer care experts at Mopar.
But it may be rare that you spot the Mopar ’14 — only 100 copies will be built. Ordering begins next March 2014 and deliveries will start that summer.
The Mopar ’14 marks the first time a Mopar special edition will be offered in white. Or, keeping with the tradition established by the Mopar ’10 Challenger R/T, Mopar ’11 Charger R/T, Mopar ’12 300 and Mopar ’13 Dart, the Mopar ’14 can be ordered in black. Either color is accented with Mopar Blue stripes. Standard is a “shaker” stripe that runs down the center of the hood, roof and trunk lid. Buyers can also choose a heritage A-line stripe that wraps up and over the trunk lid and includes the Mopar logo in the rear quarters, or a rocker panel triple stripe that includes Mopar on the doors. Completing the look are 20-inch aluminum wheels, painted gloss black.
The “shaker” hood scoop sits atop a HEMI 5.7-liter V-8 and funnels air down to a Mopar cold-air intake system. In that setup the Mopar ’14 delivers 375 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. Buyers can unleash more power from the Mopar ’14 via the addition of any of the three Dodge Scat Pack kits for the Challenger.
Inside, the Mopar ’14 is finished in black with accent stitching in Mopar Blue. The leather-covered, large side bolster front seats include the Mopar logo embroidered on the seat backs. Each car gets a sporty three-spoke steering wheel, numbered plaque on the dash, Mopar branded key fobs and a unique and personalized owner’s kit.
Moreover, each Mopar ’14 can be personalized at the factory with the Mopar Custom Shops program, as well as Mopar accessories added at the dealership. The list of modifications includes:
  • Short-throw shifter.
  • Performance suspension
  • Cat-back exhaust system
  • Lowering springs
  • Hood pin kit
Given Mopar’s vast lineup of accessories, it’s quite possible that each Mopar ’14 built will be a one-of-a-kind car.
How would you order your Mopar ’14 – in black or white?

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Nice but replace the mopar logo with HEMI
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