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They should host one on a site people actually visit with some regularity...

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Here are the Q & A from the April 15, 2014 SRT Engineers Chat Session that was held on I have highlighted, in red, the responses that pertain to our Challengers.

Originally Posted by VRYALT3R3D
Questions for the SRT Viper:

1. When will the MOPAR PCM for the 2013+ Viper be released? I am hopefully looking for an answer better then "soon."

2. When will the MOPAR parts shown at SEMA 2 years ago be released?


We don't have any of our Mopar friends here tonight, but feel free to ask them during their Twitter chats on Mondays - use #moparchat or @officialmopar.

Originally Posted by El Rey
Questions for Challenger SRT:

1) Challenger is around 400lbs over it's segment weight. Any plans to shave some weight to make it more nimble?

2) the challenger is 7-8inches longer than it's segment competitors. Any plans to make it more compact and lower in height?

3) can you put the emergency brake as a hand brake please!!!? Foot brake is very unnatural.

4) heads up display (hud)?

5) sportier seats (recaros, etc)?

6) please work on the bluetooth. I have to wait 3 seconds/mississippis to talk to someone after i answer a call.

7) double clutch for automatic transmission? Can the shifter look more like the push-kind M and AMG vehicles have instead of like a toyota corolla?

Hopefully some of these have already been addressed in the upcoming release '15.

Thank you for your time!!

Thanks for your suggestions! We can't answer some of them due to future product.

Originally Posted by [email protected]
1) I understand you cannot discuss precise power numbers of the upcoming Challenger line-up as they haven't been officially released but can you confidently say they will have been "worth the wait?" Compared to it's competition of course. Will it measure up?

2) What ended up killing the idea of a 6 speed Charger?

Thanks for taking the time to swing buy! We all appreciate your time.

1) We are very excited for the upcoming year.
2) The idea will never die.

Thanks for having us

Originally Posted by Brooksie
I would like to request genuine MOPAR SRT performance upgrades that can be supported by the dealer. Please. ie CAI , EXHAUST, HEADERS, SUPERCHARGERS ETC

Our Mopar friends are not here tonight, but feel free to ask our Mopar friends during their Twitter chats on Mondays - use #moparmonday or @officialmopar.

Originally Posted by DCRSRT
Can the SRT engineers (and Ralph of course) come to Australia and do a drive day for us Jeep SRT owners?

Can we also have a remote start kit available to retrofit to our models?

Love what you guys are doing with the Jeep SRT, looking forward to the new model in 2016/17?

If you can talk our bosses into sending us over there, we're IN!

Ask our Mopar friends about remote start - Mondays on Twitter. Use #moparmonday or @officialmopar

Originally Posted by sealrockswell
Recently I have experienced some rolling power failure issues. I have taken it in for service multiple times to two different dealerships. Neither of which were able to determine the cause of the problem, as there are "no relevant codes". I have asked many different SRT owners and to my surprise this is somewhat of a common problem. Not only is the vehicle powering down while I'm driving it but I cannot even deploy the hazards to alert other drivers that my vehicle is disabled, in the middle of the road.

That said, my question is this:

What do you do when you have a life threatening issue with your Jeep SRT and you're close to exhausting any hope of resolving and or correcting the issue? Who do you turn to when the dealership gives up?

I love my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT and I am very much a brand embassador, but these days this issue has taken all the fun out of driving it because I'm afraid it will power down at any moment. Please help steer me in the right direction here. I'm fully covered with a top of the line Mopar extended warrantee and would love to enjoy driving my SRT again.

Based on the modifications you have listed, it is very difficult for us to diagnose your vehicle .
Originally Posted by schmojoeee
i own a dodge caliber srt4. friend convinced me to put a blow off plate on instead of spending a larger amount of money on a BOV. i would like to remove the plate and put it back to factory. can you post pictures or tell me what was removed from my car to install the plate? it was a cheap one like found on ebay ( eventually, i plan on purchasing a legit BOV. the gasket that comes with the plate aren't holding up, and the car whines as soon as you give it gas, and it blows when letting off the gas. any help would be appreciated. it's hard to find info on these srt4's.


The Mopar BOV comes with detailed instructions and pictures of the installation process. Just be careful not to install it backwards, it has happened to us and the symptoms are similar to what you described.

Originally Posted by Plumcrazy4srt-99-
1. This question is for challenger ... Did dodge address the broken rockers that we experience?
2. Will there be a diet soon for srt vehicles ?

If Resume Speed is buying the drinks, we would love to meet him!

Originally Posted by 5000XD
Can the SRT pages still be activated when a US spec vehicle has left the US of A and Uconnect was never subscribed to?

Only if in Canada.

U.S.-market 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT and 2013+ Viper vehicles need be in the United States or Canada for a DRM sync to occur via the embedded Uconnect Access 3G cellular service.

Uconnect Access's embedded cellular module works within the contiguous United States, plus Alaska, and can roam in Canada.

Originally Posted by PSU SRT
Thanks for being here guys!

Q: Can a 29" diameter tire be run on the WK2 SRT without any issues?

A reduction of 1.5" is significant and will have implications on your odometer and speedometer readings (high). You need to watch for the load bearing capacity of the tire and realize that the sidewall stiffness will not be the same if the smaller tire is not a run-flat.

Originally Posted by Knuckles
Hello guys!!

Thanks again for being here tonight as we all appreciate it!!

1. How much longer will the 6.1 HEMI Engine be produced?

We expect it to be available through Mopar through at least 2020 because it is a replacment part for production vehicles.

Originally Posted by kmitch80
I just wanna know, who has the fastest vehicle of all the engineers?! and what is it!?

Congratulations, you have evoked an extremely large debate...

More to come.

Originally Posted by PSU SRT

Erroneous odometer and speedometer aside, the transfer case and traction/stability control should not be damaged or freak out?

As long as you don't mismatch front and rear diameter both systems will be fine.

Originally Posted by TerrorEyes
Driving a 2014 GC SRT and just love it. Wonder why us Canadians don't get the SRT Track Experience? Also with Uconnect...seems we lack some features that our American cousins enjoy...

The charge for the Track Experience is not included in Canadian vehicles, but you are more than welcome to attend an event in the States for that fee. Check out for more info!

Originally Posted by PSU SRT
Thank you!

PS - I make Mustang owners cry, should I care?

It's never nice to make girls cry, but make us proud!

Originally Posted by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
In reference to a 2012 standard trans Challenger SRT8...

I'm looking at a few options to lower my Challenger and both sides of the fence (coil overs and springs) are very limited given the capability factor with ADS. I'm leaning towards BC Racing coil overs - will I encounter any problems/codes if I disconnect the Bilstein shocks on all four corners?

If you disconnect that shocks, you will set a "Service Suspension" code on the dashboard.

Originally Posted by kmitch80
I just wanna know, who has the fastest vehicle of all the engineers?! and what is it!?

Depends on the venue:

The boss, Ruedisueli, is the fastest around a road course racetrack in his Formula Ford .
Wilder has the fastest drag car with his nostalgia class early '60s Plymouth that runs low 10s.
Diniz has the fastest street bike, his Vmax.
Heuschele has the fastest and only iceracer, Neon.
Stepinski and Heuschele have the fastest and only train racing figure 8 team (Neons chained together, front car has engine, rear car has brakes)
Gilles has the fastest street/track day Viper. He is making 600 hp at the wheels of his '13.
Dick Myers winged sprint car is a living legend on paved ovals. Look it up.

Originally Posted by 5000XD
Thanks for your reply. So being outside the USA, Alaska and Canada there is zero possibility to get it activated? Might there a way to activate through the USB drive some way?

Visit and enter the last 8 digits of your VIN into the field. This page will tell you if you vehicle is eligible for new software; if you download the latest you should be able to get SRT Performance Pages without needing the DRM sync process.

Happy downloading!

Originally Posted by DemonPerformance
Off beat question here for you guys, the '14 3/4 ton RAM will be 6.4 powered correct?

Thanks for stepping in here SRT!

We don't have any of our brothers/sisters from RAM in the room, but

Originally Posted by jmac29
Why cannot we not buy the export flares for a WK1 here in the US?

They are only made in response to goverment regualtions in specific nations. Forigen export parts are not available in the US. Personaly everyone in this group think they are ugly and would not want them on our cars even if we could get them.

Originally Posted by SRT Engineers
Depends on the venue:

The boss, Ruedisueli, is the fastest around a road course racetrack in his Formula Ford .
Wilder has the fastest drag car with his nostalgia class early '60s Plymouth that runs low 10s.
Diniz has the fastest street bike, his Vmax.
Heuschele has the fastest and only iceracer, Neon.
Stepinski and Heuschele have the fastest and only train racing figure 8 team (Neons chained together, front car has engine, rear car has brakes)
Gilles has the fastest street/track day Viper. He is making 600 hp at the wheels of his '13.
Dick Myers winged sprint car is a living legend on paved ovals. Look it up.

We missed Mejeur, he has the fastest helicopter. Not sure if that qualifies as a vehicle though.

Originally Posted by Knuckles
Quick question about TPMS SENSORS FOR THE 2006 to 2010 model jeep SRT 8's.

1. As long as you have the correct part number do the sensors auto learn and program them selves or does it have to be done at the dealer?

I ask because everyone I talk to says they don't need to be programmed and the dealer tells me they do need to be programmed by a service tech at the dealer.


The sensors will activate and auto learn their position within the first couple of miles of being installed on the vehicle.

Originally Posted by PSU SRT
Hypothetically - if you were to design the SRT Wrangler of your dreams, what are the top 5 design/performance goals you would shoot for?

First off, it would have to carry the front tires (wheelie) for the full quarter mile.

It would also have to jump five feet vertically in 4 LO with only half throttle.

Be able to cross a lake at full throttle (like those crazy snowmobilers in Scandinavia), while simultaneously throwing 60 foot rooster tails.

And finally, the exhaust note would scare mothers and children at a half mile distance.

Oh, and it needs to shoot flames!

Originally Posted by jim383
Does it hurt anything to run unleaded race gas like vp109 (105 octane with 6.3% oxygen). I run it in a 50/50 mix with 91 octane and the stock tune seems to really like it. The mix = 98 octane with 4.05% oxygen.

The octane won't hurt anything. The extra oxygen is leaning you out a bit. I would monitor things with a wide range O2 sensor to make sure you don't lean out too far. If you have the cats on, you can definitely overtemp and damage them, which puts a limit on how lean we can run OE.

Originally Posted by franc
I have a 2010 300csrt8, I have sts twin turbos and upgraded the drive shaft/1/2 shafts to 1000 hp I am experiencing a very annoying "getrag differential whine" it is loudest at 90 km/hr and seems to get better at 120km/hr. I have 80 000km. I have changed the diff oil twice and not a lot of fillings on the drain plug. Any suggestions besides don't drive 90km/hr. lol. I know you boys are not fond of forced induction but the 6.1 is a very tough engine I am running 8 lbs. boost and have 20 000 km on the kit without a complaint from the engine (still stock). Nice job on that design. The whine only started when I replaced the stock drive shaft

Thanks Brian

It sounds like you are making much more torque than the differential was designed for. This can result in deflecting the case and losing gear pattern, which makes the diff noisy.

Originally Posted by Moparlife
In Australia, all we read and hear about is the VR not working for entering an address in the Sat Nav, If we can find out why its not working, or how to get it working, or will it work in the future and shut these blokes up once and for all I would be forever grateful.

Also if someone could get a message to Ralph for him to find an excuse to come over to Australia PLEASE.

which vehicle do you have? Which radio?

Originally Posted by barish93
at what temp would they be damaged?

That is proprietary, and you would have to thermocouple the cats to monitor their temp.

Originally Posted by Moparlife
Uconnect RB6 300C SRT as far as I know the Cherokee has the same issue.

There is a step-by-step process to enter Nav destinations using voice. Are you following the process in the RB6 user guide?

Cherokee and Grand Cherokee have never had an RB6, rather they use the RA4/RG4.

Originally Posted by ACRucrazy
Dear SRT Engineers.

I would love to see you have a go at a factory SRT Wrangler with a Hemi.

We would love to have a go at that as well!

Originally Posted by El Rey

1) are you hiring?

2) Any chance R/T vehicles can get an SRT cosmetic option (SRT steering wheel, wheels, the m package or amg package)?
3) Fatter tires for the SRTs?
4) Who designed the non-SRT steering wheel on the challenger R/T??...absolutely hate it...its the same as the caravan...could you punch the guy who did?
5) Are you absolutely sure you arent hiring?

THANKS FOR BUILDING AWESOME CARS !! we appreciate your time

1) Maybe. Based on the 599GTO in your avitar, we were hoping you are hiring!
2) We fight all show no go packages. Poser don't win many races.
3) As fat as we can fit given our constraints.
4) Don't know. We put a lot of effort into the SRT steering wheels. Glad you appreciate that.

Originally Posted by franc
The whine only started about 500km ago when the new drive shaft was put in. If there is virtually no fillings on the drain plug the last time I changed the oil 1000 km ago could the drive shaft have something to do with it. Assuming it is installed correctly ?

Maybe. Lots of problems are hard to deal with in the forum environment.

Originally Posted by Moparlife
It recognizes the commands because you see the green tick show up after a command however it does not execute it.

Do any VR commands work at all? Try hitting the VR button and say "Help," if that doesn't work then maybe the microphone has an issue and you should visit your local dealer.

Originally Posted by LOBO
Hello SRT Engineers:

My 2006 Jeep SRT has been having a really major issue lately (for over 2,000 miles and since January 2014).

My Jeep randomly stalls / shuts off at a red light or stop sign (or at idle when cold in the morning or hot in the day) intermittently, without warning.

-The CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CODE that it oftentimes throws is:
P0700 (Transmission Control System Malfunction).

My Jeep is all factory/OEM, bone stock (no modifications have ever been made in it's history).

-A Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge Dealer recently replaced:
*the TCM and performed a transmission flush, And the issue still exists! It was not fixed...I also replaced the Battery.

-After the "repairs" were completed:
On my way home from picking up my Jeep from the dealership the first time, (within 30 minutes of driving) my Jeep shut off on me at idle, at a red light, in the middle of a busy intersection, and at the turn of the ignition, it turned on normally, but after placing it in "D" Drive , the Jeep hesitated to move forward for about 5-10 seconds. When the 5-10 Seconds passed, The jeep shut off on me once again and after the 2nd attempt to turn on the vehicle and Drive forward, the Jeep drove away in a normal manner.

-What can be causing this random shut off / P0700 Check engine light / limp mode / stall at idle (at stop lights) ?

Thanks ahead of time!

This vehicle issue is being tracked in the Chrysler Service system under report number SSV060950396. The proper parties have been notified and are already in contact. Please insist that your dealer contact the Chrysler Service Center for additional assistance.

1. There still seems to be a lot of confusion on the oil capacity for the SRT8 engines. The factory spec calls for 7 quarts, but many owners go by the dipstick reading instead, and as a result sometimes ending up putting in only 6 or 6-1/2 quarts.

Given that the oil is drained thoroughly, and of course a filter change, is it recommended to just put in the full 7 quarts, or fill to the dipstick level?

2. A lot of owners are starting to use the SRT Viper oil filter on their 5.7, 6.1 and 6.4 engines (SRT filter # 05038041AA). Is there any advantage (or disadvantage) in using this filter vs the standard Mopar filter?

1. It is likely that all oil is not completely drained out of the oil system due to the cooler plumbing and some oil remaining in pan (pan/baffles/windage tray). Drain as much oil as possible then fill to the dipstick full level on flat ground. If the system is completely purged you should be very close to the 7 L prescribed by the owners manual.

2. The SRT Viper filter flows better than the stock purolator filter and requires a higher differential pressure to bypass the filter at cold starts and high demand (Meaning the SRT Viper filter bypass stays closed more often and filters more oil). Both filters will work on the 5.7/6.1/6.4.


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Not to be negative but for me this was a disappointment. Many of the questions went unanswered while the "engineers" entertained us with self serving dialog and wise cracks. The Cherokee site also took almost an hour to provide my login so my question had no chance at all. Good thing we have a great user community here to exchange ideas with. Sorry, maybe I was expecting too much from this event.
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