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Chi Town

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Here’s something you don’t see very often:

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The universe is gonna get its way
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Yeah I saw that too

Kept it flat : )

That was a really clean Chevy
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The left lane was tricky

9” tire 3700 pound 1500 hp street car I would think any lane would be. Dunno, but the conditions were best tonight and the ladder woulda ended up different had the lanes been more even. Just my 2 cent
Wow did you see the tune up Alan Johnson put in Kaletta’s car for final qualifying Q3?

Wouldn’t surprise me if he wins
Welch FSS #1 qualifier broke in R1 tonight : (
I was hoping for the Michigan Man !!!!!
Me too but not a good day for number 1 qualifiers

I think Jason Lee mighta had a injector stick open after the burnout

Davies (16) had a nice light but couldn’t hang

The cowboy is still in (Pawuk) and is our last hope but he has Lenny in the semi’s and Lenny just went triple oh and 7.70 lol

Lenny went 010 in the semi’s

010 and ran a 69 lol

(Pawuk never had a chance)
NHRA change the rules to make it harder on dodge?

When’s the last time the Wally went to a dodge in factory stock showdown?
whats max weight cert'd to 7.50?

i have a 6.80 bike and nhra doesnt check the chassis

, )
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