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Few engine builders have been around the Late Model HEMI market as long as Tony Bischoff of BES Racing Engines and at HHP, we're proud to be the exclusive dealer 6 years running for these top of the line strokers. Tony has won the Engine Master's competition 3 out of the past 4 years and in 2010 he beat the competition with a 5.7L based 700 horsepower naturally aspirated late model HEMI. When we look at the fastest street cars in the country, our BES short blocks are in the top two quickest street cars. Our motors are definitely built by BES for strength and longevity and our long time winning track record speaks for itself.

If you are researching and planning on purchasing a stroker, here are 6 of the best engines to choose from:

392 Stroker Short Blocks:
426 Stroker Short Blocks:
With our strokers, the main difference in pricing is due to the rotator used during assembly which consists of the crank, rods and pistons. All engines have piston options in order to reach desired compression. The craftsmanship that goes into each engine from BES is the exact same so no matter what. Both BES and HHP stand behind our strokers because we know that you are getting an engine that will have no issues.

Street Series Rotator: K1 (the least expensive by far, decent quality parts)
Sport Series Rotator: Manley (Our most popular, an awesome rotator for the price)
Professional Series Rotator: Callies (Very high end, superb finishing, choice of most racers)

If you have any questions as to what motor best suits your needs or your desired build, just give us a call. A few of the additional parts you can typically expect to purchase with your engine build, other than) your basics of exhaust, cold air intake, Diablo Predator and 180 degree thermostat (for Naturally Aspirated), are:
*Some SRT-8 vehicles may require transmission or rear end upgrades as well.

And last but not least install and tuning. HHP can do the install for you at any of our install shops (DE, SC or KS) or set you up with one of our outside authorized installers in your area. We also can work with you or your local install shop of choice as well. For out-of-house customers, we provide free startup tunes to ensure everything was properly installed and ensure that you do not damage your motor if you delay your custom tuning while you break your new engine in. We also provide email tuning packages in order to allow you to get the most out of your stroked SRT-8.

For help planning your build, whether you intend to do a full stroker build all at once or plan on piecing it together over time, give us a call at 888-894-1115 and we can help you become the next high horsepower Challenger success story.

[Note: Custom HEMI engines are available. If you do not see the engine combination listed that you are looking for, just let us know.]
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