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Production data shows 200s on the way

On the LX front, Chrysler 300s are trickling out — 726 made in February, 783 all year — and Challenger production is down to under 3,000. However, the new Charger matched 2010 numbers, with over 10,000 produced.
Wrangler production has been boosted, with around 2,000 more Unlimiteds and around 470 more standard JKs being produced. Grand Cherokee, likewise, is in higher production, and while no Commanders are being made (versus nearly 3,000 last February), nearly 7,000 Durangos rolled off the lines. Even Liberty production doubled from 3,006 to 6,255, albeit at the expense of Nitro, which dropped from 2,615 to 1,879.
Overall, Chrysler made 112,682 trucks (including minivans and Journeys) and 33,256 cars in February 2011; this proportion is expected to change as cars go into full production.
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