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Some of the mods done to my R/T have been SRT upgrades like the hood struts, hood scoops and I had Stack install the SRT chin spoiler and belly pan. I've done some appearance mods with the Mopar T-shifter, bright pedal kit and a BT nose badge, so other than a K&N drop in filter and 180 t-stat I've had no performance upgrades done on my R/T.

Today that changed. It was time to cash in on some SP gift certificates from my family so I called Ryan last week and scheduled a date and time. I heard great things about the Chubby Pros and decided to do it.
I was looking forward to my first real performance upgrade to my R/T but before I made the call I had some internal debate about maybe going with the Predator and getting a SP custom tune. I decided on eliminating that under steer and getting some better stability and handling from my Challenger so the horsepower upgrades will have to wait.

Of course when I show up Ryan has those two beautiful beasts there. I got a chance to hear him rev up his Challenger SRT and it sounded like it had just kicked King Kong's ass and was looking for Godzilla. I enjoyed spending some time with Ryan and seeing what was happening at Stack. Ryan is always working on something.

Tim started working on my R/T replacing the stock sways with the ChubbY Pros. I kind of felt bad I was hoping Tim wasn't thinking I was a stalker but I respect people who do quality work and I enjoy seeing it in action. While Tim was working on my R/T Aaron was putting a 300 from Iowa on the dyno so I was bothering him for a little giving Tim a break.

Before I know it my R/T was pulling out of the shop and ready for me. Before I leave I see two silver SRTs parked out front and who is it but none other than G1 and Howard. It was good to see them and I'll let them tell you about their new mods.

I can tell you I noticed a greatly improved ride immediately with the new sways. Under steer is gone and the cornering is tight and stable. Less body roll and more traction. I love the way my Challenger drives with the Chubby's. I've decided to get the SP end links, Stiffie front strut, springs and drop the R/T and inch to complete my suspension mods.

It looks like the horsepower mods will wait just a little longer. That is ok because I have Chubby love.
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