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Last year I had an issue with the blend/mode/recirculation door actuators.

The documentation behind this stuff could be clearer, and I'm having trouble figuring out which one is giving me trouble.

The first tip that something was wrong with my 2010 Challenger was that the air would take forever to start blowing, and the knob on the far right (mode) was blinking for several minutes after starting. No noises.

A few months ago, I ordered the replacement part (it appears all 3 actuators are the exact same, so don't get confused by the 3 'names) and replaced the one on the passenger side as
. I mostly only did this one because it was the only one with a video, and I couldn't find a manual online.

I replaced it easily enough with a Torx ratchet and never thought about it again.

A few weeks ago, I get tons of clicking from behind the driver-side dash. It appears another actuator here is malfunctioning (maybe it was this one all along?) and needs replacing. I bought 2 more actuators (same as linked above) and have them sitting by.... but I have no clue where the 2 are!

Recently, I found this 2010 Challenger manual and although it's super confusing, it helps a bit. Apparently one is accessible if I remove the driver-side trim and panel below steering wheel.

... but I don't know where the second one is.

Anyone have any ideas?
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