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A brand by industry leader Vision Wheel, Milanni produces custom chrome, painted, and machined wheels for cars, trucks, and SUVs. This company offers a large wheel collection with a wide range of designs, from exquisite and cutting edge to rugged ones. They will match the style of the latest modern cars as well as the classic ones.

The staggered fitment option is also available for many models. These rims are cast in a single giant piece from an industry-standard grade aluminum alloy, guaranteeing a wheel blank free of cracks, surface defects, and weaknesses. Most wheels come in various finishes and colors to give the finished product a unique custom feel.

If you are looking for something exceptional for your Dodge Challenger, Milanni has it for you!


MILANNI® - CLUTCH Gloss Black with Machined Face

MILANNI® - CLUTCH Hyper Silver

MILANNI® - SULTAN Matte Black with Anthracite Flange

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