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There have been some suggestions as to which brands and relative locations are better for purchasing fuel, and I wanted to add my adopted gas purchasing approach for consideration as well:

- premium grade gasoline will be the slowest selling of all grades at any given station, so it is possible (likely?) you will be getting stale gasoline with each premium fill up.

- where practical, buying premium gas from stations located close to lakes/ocean should deliver fresher premium gas than stations more inland (boaters will run e10 premium when e0 is not available), though this is still no guarantee that it won’t be stale.

- The busiest gas stations will have the freshest premium grade gasoline.

- OTC octane boosters can be used to help bring premium up an octane number or two, but they are costly and leave behind manganese deposits, so more is not always better.

- for each fill up, sticking to Top-Tier branded gasoline is more important than staying with the same brand of gasoline.

All of that amounts to a really long way of saying this one simple statement: not all gas is equal, and advertised octane is more of an average than an exact value.
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