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Hey guys,

I had a few questions about cams; how much horsepower can be gained by upgrading to new cams?

Is installing cams a HUGE undertaking? Is it expensive?

Can it be done all by itself or does it require other supporting mods and/or a tune?

I'm just trying to figure out the best/most inexpensive way to really bump up the horsepower and torque a decent amount without going TOO crazy.

In my mind, I wouldn't mind hitting 400rwhp (which if i'm not mistaken is only really about 40hp away?)

What do you guys think? What would I have to do?

I think the new 6.1L goal for people around here is going to be chasing down the difference between the 6.1L and 392.

Any suggestions on what a good grocery list would be to upgrade my car to be on or close to the same level as the new 392? (can you imagine how cool that would be if you were @ the track and lined up next to a stock 392 with a 6.1L and hung with it neck and neck???)

The 6.1L can be the new sleeper of the Challenger world...

I've already had people see my new car or hear about it and go "Oh cool! Is it the new 392!???" which kinda sucks but i'm 110% happy with my purchase, it would just be cool if I kicked things up a notch! Hehe...
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