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Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover

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Selling my challenger car cover. These are custom made to fit our challengers. Online price is $200 (AutoAnything). Asking $110 shipped. PM me if interested or if you have questions.

Covercraft Evolution 4 Car Cover

Color/Style - Grey/With 2 Mirror Pockets
Vehicle - 2010 Dodge Challenger
Submodel - All Challenger models
Part Number - C17071GK

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Is it an indoor or outdoor cover?

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Hi Tony - it is an outdoor cover though I have used it as an indoor cover for the past 3 winters. I liked that it had a thicker material to give impact protection incase my kids walked by with their sleds.

More info from the web:
The Evolution 4 is the natural selection when you want your car cover to do it all. The Kimberly-Clark fabric is cut to custom fit your vehicle.

The Evolution 4's tough exterior can withstand acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap, even bird droppings. The core layers block minute dust particles, yet allow air to circulate. The super-soft underside babies your vehicle. And, all the layers combine to provide a thick, impact-resistant shield. Plus, the entire cover is breathable for fast drying after storms.
Can you post some pictures of it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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