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Just completed a cross country trip with my Challenger SRT8, i went from Newport, Rhode Island to Annapolis, Maryland to Dallas, Texas to San Diego, Ca...Over 3000 miles for the trip and the car felt AMAZING the whole way...I avg 18mpg because I wasnt driving very slow..but I turned a 45 hour drive into a 40 hour drive. My Beltronics STI radar detector saved me from over 15 cops, but I Got one speeding ticket due to an undercover dodge charger cop who turned on his radar at the last secoond to get me...verall a great trip and heres some videos I made on the whole trip, check them out:

Rhode Island:
Newport burnout-
DYNO tune #1-
Drag Track-
Driftin in parkin lot:
5 Guys Burn out:
Drifting in Rain:
Ocean dr Drive by:

Drag Track-

173mph run after Racing a Magnum:
Driftin into parkin spot:
Driftin around tree:
Exatorq dyno tune:
Driving by afer Exatorq dyno tune:
Racing my brothers Charger:
Fly by:
360 degree drift:

On the drive to Cali:
Drifting out of dirt after taking a quick leak on side of road lol:
Drifting in sand dunes:
Open Headers:

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I think Tanner Foust just threw up in his mouth.
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