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I am putting the feelers out... I bought these wheels towards the end of last year while the car was garaged for the winter. The wheels have less than 500 miles on them as the car just came out of the garage during the end of March.

They are custom Niche(MHT) 2 piece aluminum wheels and are flawless. They are riveted all around the barrel. Fronts are 22 x 9.5 and the rears are 22 x 10.5. I am asking 2500 for the wheels and I may cover shipping depending on location. These are made for SRT - Brembo brakes.

I was approached by a wheel company who offered me a partial sponsorship on their wheels, I have to pay cost for the wheels plus shipping. Not a bad deal but I'd have to sell these first and then come up with another 2k.

Thanks for looking and any questions, please feel free to ask!



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